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Butler Roofing

Butler Roof Systems is a division of Butler Manufacturing that specializes in engineered replacement metal roof systems.  The Roof Group has provided innovative solutions for our customer’s toughest roof problems throughout the US and all over the world.  Our capabilities include simple retrofit roof systems over existing metal roofs to complex sloped systems that eliminate conventional flat roofs.  Many Butler roof systems installed over 40 years ago are still in place and providing weather tight protection on all types of buildings and construction. 

Butler’s newest capability is related to Energy Savings for existing buildings.  Through The Roof Group we can provide energy modeling, daylighting analysis, and building controls that if implemented can dramatically improve the performance of an existing metal building. 

Butler Manufacturing™ was founded in 1901 and currently operates manufacturing, engineering, and service centers throughout North America and around the globe. Butler designs, manufactures, markets, and sells steel building systems and roof systems.


  • MR-24 Roof System
  • VSR II Roof System
  • Bulterrib II Roof System
  • SunLite Strip
  • RetroLite Daylighting System

Butler Roof Systems Website: www.butlermfg.com/products_systems/roof_systems/reroof_and_retrofit

Butler Roof Systems Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/butlerbuildings

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