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MetlSpan is a recognized leader in the advancement of insulated panel technology, serving the Architectural, Commercial, Industrial and Cold Storage industries with energy efficient and cost effective insulated metal wall and roof panels. For the past forty years, MetlSpan has not only helped shape our industry; they have set the standard for product design innovations and technology improvements. In order to maintain this focus on quality, they continue to pioneer new research and expand their process capabilities.

High Performance Continuous Insulation (HPCI) is MetlSpan’s latest product innovation, designed as a solution for the newest building code requirements for continuous insulation behind Rainscreen wall assemblies.  The HPCI Architectural Design Guide contains complete details for Terra Cotta, Brick, and Metal Panel Rainscreen systems.  The HPCI guide is available for download on Triton’s resources page.

MetlSpan currently operates 6 manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the US.  The Las Vegas, NV facility manufacturers most of the products for my markets, it is state of the art, and includes a contractor training and certification facility.

MetlSpan’s products carry the industries most comprehensive library of tested roof and wall assemblies for structural, thermal, and acoustic performance.  Approvals include Factory Mutual, UL, ASTM, ICC, NFP 285, and Los Angeles County LAAR.


  • Insulated Wall Panels
  • Insulated Roof Panels
  • Mineral Wool Core Wall Panels
  • HPCI Barrier Insulated Metal Panel
  • Evolution Products

MetlSpan website: www.metlspan.com

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