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Triton Building Products provides professional representation to our manufacturing partners and expert knowledge of their products to designers and contractors.  We pride ourselves in helping designers, contractors, and owners - large or small, that simply need to know how to accurately utilize architectural building products.

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Your Most
Valuable Resource

Our firm has a deep understanding of the most popular and complex architectural envelope systems. With the ever-changing building codes, you need someone on your side who knows how to guide product decisions.

We offer a wide range of building products manufacturers with various systems, price points, finishes, and textures. If you're in the design phase of a project, we'll be your most valuable resource.
• Pre-Construction
• Design Assistance
• Complex Geometry Analysis
• Custom Facade Products
• Preliminary Engineering Calculations
• High Performance Building Envelopes
• Guaranteed Functionality and Durability
• 50+ Year Service Life Systems
• NO Maintenance Facade Products

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