Parasoleil designs and manufactures an exceptional line of laser-cut architectural metal panels with unique patterns that offer a profoundly artistic aesthetic to any space. Engineered to withstand the elements and manufactured in the United States, these decorative panels provide a functional and durable design that is warrantied to last. Parasoleil’s project guidance, proprietary hardware and installation system, production dependability, and beautiful powder coats ensure your project’s vision comes to life in a memorable and lasting way.


Project Specific Engineering




Progressive Patterns

Progressive patterns change visually in structure and/or openness. Strong progressive patterns change over a short distance, like within one 4’ by 8’ panel (as seen in the example of Apiary here). Symphonic progressive patterns change over a long distance, such as across 10 panels used as cladding on the side of a parking garage. These patterns allow our clients to customize their pattern easily and without the guidance of our team.


Custom Patterns

The pre-tested standard patterns that Parasoleil offers are the largest range of patterns across the pattern map, approved by the American Institute of Architects. They are designed to be versatile with a high level of both structural and design integrity. Likewise, any custom work the Parasoleil design team takes on is held to the same high standard of the Parasoleil performance spec.